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Hunan Agriculture University (China). Home Theatre Group. “White”

An autistic writer writes behind the closed door all day. Loneliness and monotone have occupied his own world while the entire world he created is vivid and beautiful. What in common between both worlds is the color, white. The writer tried to enter the world of his creation, and the roles in his works are trying to find ways into reality. Finally, they encounter with each other on the brink of reality and fiction.

Ficha artística y técnica
Director: Chang Lai

Producer: Tang Yong

Executive Director: Deng Yinglei

Visual Engineer: Zhao Bochao

Music Engineer: Dong Linpei

Stage Manager: Li Tianying

Cast: Jiang Chengchen, Chang Guo, Peng Zhangfan, Chen Hongyin, Chang Lai

Universidad de Granada
Teatro | Universidad de Granada
23 Noviembre, 2012


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